Online Training Management

Enhance Your Online Training Management Program

Want to start offering online courses to customers? What about cloud-based development programs for employees? Launch your training courses now using Caspio’s FREE training management application.


This ready-made app enables instructors to manage classes and students using a centralized online portal. Administrators have access to interactive reports and dashboards. Requires 47 DataPages.

Standard Features

  • Detailed directory of training sessions for students to self-register.
  • Instructor portal for adding new classes and managing classes and students.
  • Instructor interface offers a dashboard to view the status of all classes and sign-ups.
  • Admin portal offers a dashboard view to track registrations, new classes pending review and revenue by month, instructor, class and topic.
  • Admin portal offers an easy way for users to manage classes, instructors and students.
  • Classes are automatically removed from the directory when the class reaches full capacity or the session date passes.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Connect the sign-up form with Caspio’s payment processing feature to collect payments via Stripe or PayPal.
  • Send SMS alerts to students reminding them of their upcoming classes.
  • Offer built-in discounts and promotions to new and returning students.

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