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Store Locator App
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Need an easy-to-use web app for your users to find nearby locations? Leverage native integrations, smart calculations, feature-rich interfaces and more with Caspio’s FREE store locator app!


Manage address-centric data in a centralized online database. This ready-made template is loaded with location-based features such as Google Maps and distance search. Requires 12 DataPages.

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Standard Features

  • Application embeds seamlessly on your own website (or can be hosted by Caspio).
  • Built-in integration with Google Maps.
  • Utilizes distance search to filter and sort results based on proximity.
  • All user searches are logged for your analytical and business intelligence purposes.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • For improved performance, Caspio can geocode your existing data.
  • Nearly everything about this app is customizable, such as fields, labels, colors, icons, map features, etc.
  • Easily localize it to your language, date, and number formatting.

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