Simple Membership
Directory App

Publish Your Membership Directory System

Looking for a simple, self-managed system to easily connect members of your group? Gather unlimited users, each with their own profiles, with Caspio’s FREE membership directory system!


Manage group membership information in a secure cloud environment. This ready-made template features three interfaces for the public, members and admins. Requires only 4 DataPages.

Standard Features

  • Includes a centralized online database that ensures data consistency and integrity.
  • Provides an automated registration process for new members to sign up and manage their own profile.
  • Members can easily search for other members, or edit their profile.
  • Automatically sends email alerts to notify administrator whenever new members sign up.
  • Admins can manage and download member profiles using the admin interface.
  • Admins can keep any number of “inactive” members in the database and publish them with a check of a checkbox.
  • Supports unlimited members.
  • This app template is free to use in any account, including Caspio’s free online database.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Remove the administrator approval process so new registrations automatically publish in the membership directory.
  • Add a password recovery interface for members to reset their forgotten passwords.
  • Implement your own organization’s custom workflow into the application.
  • Add a Distance Search feature that would allow users to view records of members within or nearby a specified location.
  • Customize fields or create new fields for additional data or files.
  • Offer additional digital assets to registered members.
  • For additional capabilities, request Caspio’s Membership Directory application template.

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