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Need a fast and simple way to show your audiences what events are coming up? Deploy Caspio’s FREE event listing app on any website, membership portal, corporate intranet, blog or CMS system!


Publish a directory of events in a central online database. This ready-made template allows you to quickly deploy a self-managed app with public and admin interfaces. Requires only 3 DataPages.

Live App Preview

Standard Features

  • Users can search for events by category, title, location, date, etc.
  • Administrators can add new events and update existing events easily.
  • Administrators can keep any number of “unpublished” events in the custom online database and publish them with a check of a checkbox.
  • Supports thousands of event listings.
  • This app template is free to use in any account, including Caspio’s free online database.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Customize fields and dropdown values, or add new fields such as images and files.
  • Add integration with Google Maps.
  • Add distance search to filter and sort results based on users’ proximity.
  • Add new user roles.
  • For additional capabilities, request Caspio’s Event Calendar application template.

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