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Real Estate Listing Software

Publish and Manage Your Real Estate Listings

Want a complete web application for your agency to manage listings and leads? Search within a certain proximity, view images, explore maps, drill into details and more with Caspio’s FREE real estate listings app!


Empower multiple agents to close more deals by providing a centralized online database. This ready-made template gives real estate offices an integrated listing system. Requires 36 DataPages.

Standard Features

  • Public users can search for properties based on a range of criteria (property type, bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, etc.).
  • Utilizes the Distance Search feature to filter and sort results based on distance and display results on a Google Map.
  • Each listing can be made visible or hidden on the public-facing interface.
  • Agents create their own public profile that is automatically accessible from each of their listings.
  • Agents are notified by email when potential buyers submit property inquiries.
  • The agent application includes a versatile contact management system for processing inquiries.
  • The broker interface provides administrative access to an online database platform that manages all listings, agents, and inquiries.
  • Unlimited agents and thousands of properties are supported.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Add more pictures per property.
  • Enhance for mobile devices and automatic proximity search.
  • Lead capture form can be integrated with CRM systems.

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