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Create an Online Store App

Launch Your Online Store

Need a stable and secure platform to kick off your online business? Whether you’re getting started with new products or own an established brand, Caspio’s FREE, easy-to-use shopping cart app will help your business grow fast!


Manage your inventory in a secure cloud database. This ready-made template provides store owners with all the essential features of an e-commerce website. Requires 59 DataPages.

Standard Features

  • Use the shopping cart software to manage orders and products throughout the entire purchasing process.
  • Post thousands of products to your site through your custom online store app.
  • Easily set costs and manage inventory from a centralized portal.
  • Track purchases and revenue with sleek and easy-to-read charts.
  • Automatically receive emails when inventory drops below a certain threshold.
  • Allow customers to manage their web shopping cart by adding items to or removing items from their cart prior to checking out.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Customize the shopping cart to use Caspio’s built-in payment processing via Stripe or Paypal.
  • Easily modify application interfaces, fields and workflows based on your unique needs.
  • Add a comments section for users to comment on reviews.
  • Create additional reports to further drill down into revenue gains and losses.

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