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Publish Your Custom Business Directory

Need a secure and reliable hub to manage your company's online listings? Showcase your unique offerings and manage them all in the cloud with Caspio’s FREE business directory app!


Create a custom directory, catalog or any other listing for your company in a centralized online database. This ready-made template works for a variety of use cases that use a search function. Requires 15 DataPages.

Standard Features

  • Allows users to search for businesses by name, category, or location.
  • Users can register and submit new business listings, including a company logo.
  • Users can enter their contact information, listing description, business category, etc.
  • Admins can manage business listings and user profiles, and publish each listing with one click.
  • Each business listing is displayed on an interactive Google map.
  • Provides users with the ability to reset lost passwords or update their profile.
  • Includes a scalable online database that supports unlimited users and thousands of listings.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Customize styles to match your color scheme and branding.
  • Implement SEO Deployment for search engines to index the business listings.
  • Use proximity search for users to filter and sort listings based on distance.
  • Add a commenting or rating system.

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