Support Services

Caspio pricing plans come with different levels of support, as shown in the table below.

Support Level Community Business VIP
Community Forums Yes Yes Yes
Online Help Documentation Yes Yes Yes
Group Live Training Yes Yes Yes
Account Backup/Archiving 7 days 14 days
Live Support (Phone and Chat) Yes Yes
Ticket/Email Support Yes Yes
Response Time (Business Hours)
Mon-Fri, 7am-5pm PST, except US holidays
8 4
Assigned Technical Account Manager Yes
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Yes
24/7 Emergency Support Contact Us Yes

Per-Incident Support Services

The following per-incident services may be requested by opening a support ticket or contacting Caspio Support.

Service Pricing
Expert Sessions $150/hour
Backup Recovery Custom quote
Custom Development Custom quote by Professional Services

Description of Support Services

Caspio Support includes the following services:

  • Support for usage of Caspio Bridge documented features, extensions and documented workarounds
  • Support with the use of Caspio Bridge administrative interface
  • Support for deployment and use of ready-made apps
  • Assistance with understanding and resolving error messages
  • Assistance with identifying and resolving regression issues
  • Investigation into any performance issues as detected by our health check monitoring service

The following are not included in Business Support:

  • API usage or any assistance with coding including HTML, CSS, JavaScript – Available in VIP support or through Expert Sessions.
  • Questions and issues regarding integration or operation with third-party solutions – Can be quoted as a Professional Service.
  • Debugging issues seen in your CMS, blog, or web host – Available through Expert Sessions.
  • Data cleansing and migration – Can be quoted as a Professional Service.

Caspio Support Services Glossary

Community Forums

Caspio Community Forums are monitored by Caspio support staff; however, response times are not guaranteed. These forums are public. Never post account names or passwords. Caspio is not responsible for quality or correctness of answers provided by the community.

Caspio HowTo Knowledgebase

Caspio’s HowTo site is the official documentation of Caspio. In addition to in-depth help documentation, there are also a number of videos tutorials with step-by-step instructions.

Group Live Training

Free instructor-led web-based training sessions are available to all customers. These 50 minute sessions are a great way to get up-and-running with Caspio quickly.

Live Support (Phone/Chat)

If your support plan includes Live Support, you can call us at (+1) 650-691-0900 or chat with us anytime during standard support hours Monday through Friday, 7am to 5pm Pacific Time (excluding U.S. holidays).

Ticket/Email Support

The Caspio Support Portal is the recommended method for seeking assistance, as many questions require detailed answers. You can submit new tickets, upload attachments and screenshots, and view your open and past tickets. Ticket response times depend on your support tier and are shown in the table above.

Please do not send support inquires via email to Caspio staff or through web forms on the website. Use the support portal for the fastest response.

Expert Sessions

Expert Sessions are one-on-one phone or web conference meetings with a Caspio technical expert. Services that can be provided through these sessions are:

  • Custom Private Training – These training sessions are for one individual and can be tailored around your particular needs and application.
  • Project Consultation – Receive technical advice on needs analysis, application design planning and architecture, table design, integration, deployment and other in-depth consultation topics.
  • Application Review – A Caspio expert walks through your implementation with you and offers feedback and improvement ideas for architecture, performance, usability and best practices.
  • Data Cleansing and Migration – Provides assistance in data management, importing, exporting, cleansing, rearranging, bulk updates, and any other work related to your data.
  • JavaScript Customization – Assistance with customizing or troubleshooting JavaScript solutions provided in our How-To articles and JavaScript Forum. These include small customizations for your particular needs and are not a replacement for Caspio Professional Services where work is guaranteed.
  • App Building Assistance – Interactive demonstration showing the creation or modification of your DataPages, tables and other objects while you watch. These small tasks are not a replacement for Caspio Professional Services where work is guaranteed.

Assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM)

The Technical Account Manager (TAM) is a trusted technical advisor who is the liaison between you and Caspio internal teams such as Professional Services, Operations, Engineering, Product Development and Account Management to ensure your requests and issues are addressed in a timely manner. The TAM role is:

  • To serve as your main point of contact for escalated support cases
  • To partner with you, understand your goals, and be your advocate at Caspio
  • To provide expert sessions including project consultation, best practices, application review, and training

Developer Support

Provided that our team is familiar with your specific programming language and the service is included in your plan, Developer Support can be used for assistance with:

  • Debugging JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Debugging Web Services API
  • Debugging issues related to TechTip articles involving custom HTML or JavaScript

Data Backup and Archiving

Caspio backs up your data and applications regularly and archives them in case there is a need to recover lost data or applications. If you accidentally delete, overwrite, or inadvertently alter a table or DataPage, you may request backup recovery to a specific date within your archiving range. This service is provided on a per-incident basis and the cost depends on the extent of the recovery. To request a quick quote, include the following information in a support ticket:

  • Names of objects (Tables and DataPages) to be recovered
  • Backup date (the date you need to restore from)

System Health Check

Caspio utilizes a third-party monitoring service to check uptime and performance of the various Caspio servers on a 24/7 basis. Our system health report is updated every 5 minutes and shows current and historic performance statistics.

Service Level Agreement

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is available depending on your plan and guarantees that Caspio is financially accountable for service uptime and performance levels. Additionally, SLA customers receive advance notice of upcoming scheduled maintenance and have an opportunity to request a change of schedule if the maintenance window causes avoidable inconvenience. Caspio tries to honor these requests to the extent possible. For more details, refer to the SLA Agreement (or your own signed agreement if applicable).

24/7 Emergency Support

Emergency Support is available depending on your plan and covers issues that hinder the operation of deployed applications. Emergency Support is not for day-to-day technical questions. A special phone number is made available for contacting Caspio after business hours.