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Frequently Asked Questions

How much data transfer do I really need?
Your data transfer requirements depend on the activity level of your applications, size of records, presence of files and images and the number of app users. Your account incurs data transfer any time data goes in or out of your database, including import and export, development inside your account, file upload and download, reports, charts, MS Office Plugin, API, etc.

For 70% of our customers, the included data transfer is adequate. The table below gives you an idea of what to expect from the monthly data transfer on the Business Plan:

1 GB Monthly Data Transfer
Number of submissions of a typical record 80,000
Number of downloads of a 100 KB Word file 10,000
Number of iPhone quality photo uploads 500

How can I reduce my data transfer usage?

Caspio offers a few tools to manage and reduce your data transfer. The availability of some of these options depends on your plan:

  • Image resizer - Allows you to automatically create thumbnails or smaller versions of uploaded images so they consume little data transfer and also load faster.
  • FileStor CDN - Provides a CDN (Content Delivery Network) built on Amazon CloudFront, giving you tremendous file storage area and free unlimited data transfer. Additionally, it provides very fast file download from an "edge" server near the user. FileStor lacks database security and is only meant for non-sensitive files that you want to make publicly available. 
  • Compressed Import/Export/Download - When importing data and files into your account, or if you have enabled the Download option in your Report DataPages, you can use Compressed ZIP files to reduce data transfer usage.

In addition to the above, there are best practices that can help you lower your data transfer usage such as selecting fewer "records per page" in reports. We want to ensure that you get tremendous value from Caspio and are here to help you find ways to reduce your data transfer. For plans including support, a product expert can look over your applications and make some recommendations to reduce your data transfer.

Can I add more data transfer?

You can buy additional blocks of reserved data transfer as your needs grow on any of the paid plans. See the Add-Ons page for details.

How can I see my current data transfer usage?

From the top menu in your account, select Account and Usage and Billing to see your current month's data transfer usage.

Can I have a customized plan?
Caspio Sales can assist you in creating a custom plan for requirements that are outside of our standard offerings.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up directly for a specific plan or start a free trial and convert your account within the 14-day trial period. If you have a trial account, you can convert it to a regular plan inside Caspio Bridge. Contact us if you need assistance.

How can I change my plan?
You can change your plan by selecting Account from the top menu followed by Change Plan. Customers with Enterprise plans should contact their account manager to make changes to their plan.

What type of payments and terms do you accept?

You can choose between monthly, quarterly or annual billing. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards and GSA SmartPay cards. For annual payments, we also accept checks, wire transfer, ACH transfer and PayPal. Payments over $5000 are only accepted using check, wire transfer or ACH transfer.

I have an old plan. Am I required to upgrade to a new plan?

No, you can stay on your old plan for as long as you wish, however some new features will require a subscription to a new plan.

I have an old plan that doesn't include support. How can I add support to my plan?
You can add a support add-on by modifying your existing plan inside Caspio Bridge, or alternatively, converting to a new plan that includes support.