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Frequently Asked Questions

How much data transfer do I really need?
Your data transfer will depend on the activity of your account and number of app users. Your account incurs data transfer any time data goes in or out of your database, including import and export, development inside your account, file upload and download, reports, charts, MS Office Plugin, API, etc.

For 70% of our customers, the Standard plan provides adequate data transfer. The table below gives you an idea of what to expect from the monthly reserved data transfer:

Standard Plan
1 GB Monthly Data Transfer
Number of submissions of a typical record 80,000
Number of downloads of a 100 KB resume Word file 10,000
Number of iPhone quality photo uploads
(FileStor is also available for high usage or large files.)

Contact us for help estimating your expected usage.

How can I see my current data transfer usage?
You can view your usage on the Usage and Billing screen inside your account (under the Account menu).

What if I need more data transfer?
You can buy additional blocks of reserved data transfer as your needs grow. The first tier for each plan can be added by yourself inside your Caspio Bridge account. To add bigger blocks or discuss any usage-related questions, please contact your account manager.

Reserved Data Transfer Rates:
Custom Plans Standard Plans Corporate Plans
$12 per 100 MB $50/GB for 1 GB blocks $30/GB for 10 GB blocks
$40/GB for 10 GB blocks $20/GB for 100 GB blocks
$30/GB for 100 GB blocks $10/GB for 1 TB blocks
On-Demand Data Transfer Rates:
$16 per 100 MB for all plans

On-demand rates apply if your account incurs data transfer above its reserved amount.

Can I have a customized plan?
You can contact Caspio Sales for help creating a plan based on your specific needs. Our Standard plan already includes unlimited resources and all add-on features, and can be further customized by adding data transfer inside your Caspio Bridge account.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for a plan now or start a free trial and convert your account anytime within the 14-day trial period. If you have a trial account, you can upgrade it yourself inside Caspio Bridge. Contact us if you need assistance.

How can I change my plan?
You can change your plan at any time inside Caspio Bridge (under the Account menu). Customers with Enterprise plans should contact their account manager for changes.

What type of payments and terms do you accept?

You can choose between monthly, quarterly or annual billing. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards and GSA SmartPay cards. For annual payments, we also accept checks, wire transfer, ACH transfer and PayPal.

I have an old plan. Am I required to upgrade to a new plan?

No, you can stay on your old plan for as long as you wish and customize it with the available add-ons.

I have an old plan that doesn't include support. How can I add support to my plan?
You can add a support plan by changing your plan inside Caspio Bridge, or alternatively pay $50 for per support incident.

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