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Caspio Enterprise Offerings

Caspio offers the following additional plans to meet the specific needs of our customers. Contact us for more information.

Caspio Enterprise

For customers looking to standardize on Caspio across multiple departments or many app authors, we offer the Enterprise Plan. This plan includes the Caspio Enterprise Manager to create, provision and manage multiple Caspio Bridge accounts within the Enterprise. Each account includes all the features and capabilities of the Corporate Plan but usage across all accounts is aggregated and billing is centralized.

Dedicated Infrastructure

If you require a dedicated environment, Caspio offers a Dedicated Infrastructure Plan, keeping your account(s) separate from all other customers. This plan gives you the flexibility of customizing certain settings on the platform to your exact needs and the choice of Amazon data centers around the world for optimal performance. Caspio's Dedicated Infrastructure Plan allows you to meet certain regulatory requirements and have complete control over the performance and resources of your account.

HIPAA and Compliance

Designed for companies operating within the healthcare industry, the Caspio HIPAA Plan runs on an entirely separate infrastructure that meets or exceeds HIPAA requirements. Unique capabilities of this plan include encryption at rest, audit trail, internal security controls, and more. The Caspio HIPAA Plan is available in various sizes based on your organization's needs. Learn more about Caspio's HIPAA Solution

Caspio's Compliance Plan enjoys the same security, auditing and policies available in HIPAA Plans, but without requiring the Business Association Agreement required for HIPAA. Contact your sales manager for details.


For large organizations looking to bring Caspio in-house, this plan provides maximum capacity and control. The Caspio team can assist you with the installation and maintenance of the platform, however, you will need an internal database administrator to properly run Caspio in-house. Caspio requires Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (or higher) and IIS 7.5 (or higher). An on-premise environment gives you complete control for regulatory requirements and capacity, and the most flexibility when integrating with other systems.

Contact Caspio Sales for more information.