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Enterprise Offerings

Caspio Corporate Plan

For customers looking to standardize on Caspio across multiple departments or projects, we offer our Corporate Plan. This plan provides the Caspio Enterprise Manager to create, provision and manage multiple sub-accounts.

Each sub-account is based on our Standard Plan and automatically includes all standard and add-on features. Additionally, the following services are provided:

  • Caspio Enterprise Manager (for provisioning and managing sub-accounts)
  • VIP Support providing faster response time, expert services and more
  • SLA and performance guarantees
  • 24/7 emergency support

This plan is also available to consultants and resellers looking to offer sub-accounts to their clients and receive a consolidated bill.

Caspio Dedicated

We can operate your Caspio Bridge account(s) on a dedicated environment separate from all other customers. Although this option costs more, it gives you the flexibility to meet certain regulatory requirements and have complete control over the performance and resources of your account. Your dedicated environment can be hosted at any of the many Amazon data centers around the world to be closer to your users for optimal performance. The environment is completely managed by Caspio.

Caspio HIPAA Enterprise

Designed for the healthcare industry, Caspio HIPAA Enterprise is an entirely separate infrastructure dedicated to ensuring all data and applications are HIPAA-compliant. This edition includes unique capabilities such as data encryption, audit trail, internal security controls, and more. Learn more about Caspio HIPAA Enterprise

Caspio On-Premise

Have Caspio installed within the four walls of your organization for maximum capacity and control. The Caspio team can assist you with the installation and maintenance of the system, however, you will need a database and systems administrator to properly run it on-premise. Caspio requires Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (or higher) and IIS 7.5 (or higher).  An on-premise environment gives you complete control for regulatory requirements, capacity, and the most flexibility when integrating with other systems.

Contact Caspio Sales for more information about our enterprise offerings.

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