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Caspio Add-Ons

Data Transfer

Applies to all current plans. Buy as much reserved data transfer as you need, otherwise pay on-demand.

Data Transfer Reserved On-Demand
Custom Plans $12 per 100 MB $16 per 100 MB
Standard Plans $50/GB for 1 GB blocks
$40/GB for 10 GB blocks
$30/GB for 100 GB blocks
$16 per 100 MB
Corporate Plans $30/GB for 10 GB blocks
$20/GB for 100 GB blocks
$10/GB for 1 TB blocks
$16 per 100 MB

Additional Resources

Applies only to customized plans (already unlimited in Standard plans).

Resources Reserved On-Demand
DataPages $6 each -
Storage $5 per 100 MB $8 per 100 MB
Emails $20 per 1000 $30 per 1000
API Transactions $10 per 10,000 $20 per 10,000

Feature Add-Ons

Applies only to customized plans (already included in Standard plans).

Features Monthly Fee
White Labeling
Removes branding from Caspio-powered applications.
Web Services APIPlugin for Microsoft Office
Access your Caspio data programmatically via our API. Plugin keeps data refreshed in your MS Excel and Access programs. Includes the first 10,000 API transactions.
Distance Search
Search and sort address-centric data based on proximity to ZIP code or latitude/longitude values.
SEO Deployment
Allows search engines to index your database for free organic traffic.
User Logs
Tracks all users logging into your authenticated apps, including failed login attempts and password resets.
DataPage Revisions History
Stores older versions of your forms and apps in case you ever need to revert back.
Data integration via scheduled import/export from FTP, websites, and Amazon S3.

At any time, you can add additional resources and features inside your Caspio Bridge account (from the Account menu). Contact us if you need assistance.

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