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Caspio Bridge Affiliate Partnership

Earn up to $1,000 per referral!

Monetize your website traffic. Become a Caspio Affiliate and earn money by linking to Caspio from your website. Participation is easy, free and adds value to your website.

Here's how it works... Simply place a Caspio-provided graphic or text ad on your website, write a blog or article, or create an endorsement page on your website about Caspio. Links to Caspio's website will have a tracking ID that identify your referrals. Interested users can try Caspio Bridge with a 14-day free trial. Those who become paying customers generate affiliate referral reward for you equal to their average monthly fee during their first three months with Caspio up to $1,000 per account.

There's no cost to join. We provide the ads, process the orders, bill the customers, track your sales, and automatically pay you for your referral.

Apply now and once approved, we'll send you information to quickly get started as a Caspio Affiliate.

Affiliate Program FAQs

If you have a website, you can apply for Caspio's Affiliate Program. Become an affiliate and earn money simply by promoting Caspio's offerings on your website.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

There are three steps in the Caspio Affiliate Program:

Step 1: Sign up for the program. It does not cost anything to join.

Step 2 : Once approved, we'll contact you with instructions on placing specially configured links and ads on your website. These links contain your unique Affiliate ID to identify and track each of your referred visitors. Whenever your referred visitors establish a paying Caspio account, you will receive a referral reward.

Step 3 : We deposit or mail referral rewards once a month.

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Why should I become an affiliate?

If you come across people who may be potential users of Caspio Bridge platform, you can generate income by referring them to Caspio. It's easy, free and provides a valuable service to your contacts. Implementation and tracking is also easy and automated.

There are no risks.

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Who qualifies to be an affiliate?

You must have a professional looking personal or business website. The Caspio Affiliate program is open to individuals, online businesses, web hosting companies, and ISPs anywhere in the world.

Websites with certain objectionable material are not qualified. Once you apply, a Caspio representative will review your website and let you know if it meets our requirements.

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How much do I get paid?

The referral reward is equal to the sum of each customer's average monthly fee during their first three months of subscription to Caspio. Referral rewards only apply when customer remains current for three months.

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When do I get paid?

Referral rewards are paid 100 days after a referred Caspio customer signs up for a paid Caspio account. We process affiliate payments between the 15th and 20th of every month. All payments are in U.S. dollars.

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How do I get paid?

Caspio prefers to pay you via PayPal. If you have a United States address, you can choose to receive your payment by check. A $15 fee per check is applied. Other payment methods can also be arranged by request.

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My site is not live yet. Can I sign up anyway?

No. You need a live website in order to apply for the Caspio Affiliate Program. Once your site is live, please submit your application.

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How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing. There is no cost to become a Caspio affiliate.

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Why will my visitors want a Caspio web database solution?

A web database is the first step in building an online form or application. If you enable your visitors to quickly and easily launch their web applications, you are offering them a valuable service for which you will be compensated. It will also enhance and complement your own product lines and service offerings.

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How much work do I have to do?

Almost none. Once approved as an affiliate, you gain access to your Affiliate Account to select the ads you would like to place on your site. You can select from a variety of different ads of various sizes. Once you have selected your ads, we provide you with the HTML tags you need to place on your site. Then you're ready to go!

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How do you track the customers I send you?

The ads we provide to you are tagged with your Affiliate ID. Every time one of your visitors clicks through to Caspio's website, our tracking system logs it. Whenever a referred visitor signs up for a trial or paid Caspio account it is also recorded. You can view a report of the activity your site is generating in your affiliate account.

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Can I refer myself or sign up my referrals myself?

No. The Caspio Affiliate Program agreement prohibits self referrals.

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Do I need to use your products or services to be an affiliate?

No. You do not need to be a user of Caspio's products or services to become an affiliate. However, once you experience the power and time-savings of Caspio's products and services, we think you'll quickly adopt these powerful tools for yourself as well.

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Ready to sign up? Submit the Affiliate Application. Have questions? Contact us.