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Database Publishing

Create value by sharing and collecting data online.

If you ever need to communicate database-driven information internally or externally, an online database is the perfect solution. As you know, data doesn't serve its full potential when it's stuck on your desktop. By publishing data online, your users have 24/7 access from any computer, from anywhere in the world.

With Caspio, your data is stored, managed and hosted from one central location. If changes are made, the database application is instantly updated giving you and your users access to up-to-the-minute information. Most importantly, you no longer have to be a developer to do this. Making data available easily and effortlessly is a core capability of Caspio. Any tech-savvy individual can make data accessible and searchable without programming.

Easy step-by-step wizards eliminate the complexities of database publishing.

  • Generate searchable databases and custom reports without coding
  • Data import and export supports MS Excel, Access, and more
  • Built-in password protection, SSL, IP blocking, and email alerts
  • Seamless integration with any site, no matter where it is hosted
  • SEO data publishing enables data to be indexed by search engines
  • Database functionality is feature-rich and highly scalable

You can easily control and customize your database application interfaces, and share with authorized users to slice and dice the information as they like and add their own updates as necessary. Plus you don't have to expose your internal systems or data schemas. Share and collect any type of data securely and efficiently.

  • Product information
  • Latest statistics
  • Research data
  • Anonymous surveys
  • User generated data
  • Public records

See how other industries are using Caspio to share and collect data.

  • News Media: Journalists from the top 80% of the nation's top newspaper websites have boosted readership and increased sales. Learn more
  • Government: Local, state and federal agencies are helping citizens get up-to-date information and receiving valuable feedback via the web. Learn more
  • Education: Schools and universities make research data, feedback, and class information accessible in real-time to parents, students and faculty. Learn more