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Centralized Online Data Management

Businesses today must operate on the web because that's where their customers, partners and employees are. To do it right, businesses must streamline data capture and data management, whether on public websites or in applications that distribute and update data across the organization. This is where Caspio comes in. Caspio provides a unique and easy-to-use platform for centralized online data management and web app creation. Let's look at specific ways Caspio can help your business today.

Web Forms for Data Capture

  • Caspio's powerful web form builder lets business users create web forms and embed them on their company website. These forms can be open for public access or password-protected for authorized users.
  • Examples include registration forms, contact forms, lead generation forms, sweepstakes, feedback forms, application forms for jobs, loans, etc. - any form where data capture is important.
  • Business operations can be significantly more efficient by replacing paper forms with e-forms or electronic forms. Caspio is a proven platform for creating e-forms and capturing data in a secure online database.

Reports, Charts and Dashboards for Online Data Management

Moving existing data into Caspio is fast and easy. A step-by-step wizard guides you through importing data in a variety of formats. Once your data is in Caspio, our easy report-building wizards quickly generate powerful database reports that may be published for public use or password-protected for restricted access.

Caspio reports can include the following:

  • Ad hoc search or pre-defined criteria
  • Result sets in tabular, list, or grid view
  • Display data in calendars or visuals in charts
  • Display images, or link to database files for download
  • Automatic paging of search results
  • Ability to drill-down into records
  • Optional ability to edit records
  • Display images or link to database files for download
  • Enable users to download search results to Excel
  • Automatic paging of search results
  • Calculations, data aggregation, grouping, and more
  • Accept passed parameters from third-party apps

Web, Mobile and Hybrid Apps

The most common use of Caspio is creating and deploying web business apps. A growing number of businesses deploy mobile apps or hybrid versions of their web business apps for use on mobile websites. Popular apps include:

  • Support and customer service systems
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Task management, project management, bug tracker and other internal apps
  • Event registration and management
  • Class registration system
  • Classified systems
  • Feedback, inquiry and contact forms
  • Membership system including a member directory and processing of membership dues
  • Magazine or newsletter subscription forms and management
  • Sweepstakes, contests, and other marketing promotional forms
  • Task management, project management, bug tracker and other internal apps
  • Various HR apps such as employee knowledgebase, vacation requests, job postings, recruiting systems, employee reviews
  • Classified ad systems
  • Feedback forms and inquiry forms
  • Real estate listing systems
  • Property management systems

Eliminate Excel Chaos

Every company stores some data in Excel because it's easy to do so. These Excel files are often emailed around with requests to update them. Over time, data management using Excel files create a tremendous chaos in the organization and result in significant waste of time and resources. It's hard to know which file is the latest version and contains all the updates. Inboxes get full of various versions and the files can get easily forwarded outside of the company and even land in the hands of unauthorized people.

Caspio solves the Excel chaos problem. Customers quickly import their data into Caspio, create a search and report on top of it, password-protect the application, and place it on their intranet. Data can be easily edited and shared through a secure online database that ensures that all authorized users are always accessing the latest data.

Syndicate Data, Apps and Content Online

Caspio offers unique data syndication capabilities with the ability for customers to syndicate their data and apps across many websites. Any Caspio app can be deployed to any number of sites. There is no limit technically or price-wise. The deployment code can be easily shared.

Furthermore, with creative techniques you could sell your syndication to authorized sites as a subscription. You could also syndicate the search form, and then display the results on your site bringing traffic and visitors to your own web properties. Each app can carry your branding or disclaimer wherever it is deployed.

Database Publishing

Caspio is widely used for  database publishing on public and private websites. More than 80% of the largest newspaper websites in the U.S. use Caspio to publish databases. These interactive reports, created by the journalists themselves, allow readers to search and display sports, crime, census or data and visualize them on a map or in a chart. Businesses, government agencies, and non-profits use Caspio for database publishing because reports can be created and maintained by non-technical people who are experts on the data, rather than the database management system. Industries like News Media, Government and Education utilize Caspio's database publishing capabilities at a large scale.

Location-Based Apps

Would you like to plot search results on a map? Need a store locator for users to search by distance and proximity? Would you like to plot search results on a map? Do you want to add latitude and longitude to your data? With Caspio, you can implement all these location services and more. Some are built-in features and some are possible through mashups that are well-documented with sample code. Learn more about location-based apps.

Online Database Accessed Via API

Caspio's powerful online database can be used for any app that requires a database, even if the app is not created within the Caspio framework. If you want a reliable online database for your web, desktop or mobile application, consider Caspio. There are many advantages, including:

  • Powerful web applications to view, search, edit, and manage your data
  • Excellent capabilities to import, export data and integrate with other apps
  • Security and reliability across the platform, database and application levels
  • Ability to quickly generate apps without coding, with options to integrate with custom programming when necessary.

Caspio Web Services APIs are based on SOAP standards and can be used with any programming or scripting language.

Affordable Large-Scale Apps

With no "per-user" fees, Caspio opens up the possibility of launching mass-market apps that draw hundreds of thousands of users, both anonymous and authenticated. The cost of your Caspio package is based on the overall resource usage, not on arbitrary limits like seats or submissions.

For business apps, we want to replace traditional development with an affordable "no-coding" alternative. Therefore, we have designed our pricing and packaging in such way that encourages this alternative. Furthermore, Caspio rarely raises pricing on existing customers. Since 2001 when the Caspio platform was first launched for public use, we only raised pricing for existing customers one time in 2002. In fact, since then we have even lowered pricing due to increased economy of scale as the platform was widely adopted. Regardless, we have always grandfathered existing customers and allowed them to keep their package level for as long as they wish.

This and other policies of Caspio provide customers with predictability and forecast-ability that they expect from a true partner.