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Create Web Applications Fast

Creating a web database application with Caspio is easy because you design it "cloud computing" style, over the web, following step-by-step wizards. Each wizard shows you a number of related options that you can configure before continuing to the next step. In 5 to 10 minutes, you can have a web form, search, report, chart and other application interfaces ready to be deployed.

Common Features for all Caspio Applications:

  • Streamlined design options - Choose from the most common form, table, and report layouts, then customize as needed.
  • Password protection - Caspio apps can be password protected for any number of users. Any table can be designated as the source for authorized users.
  • Password recovery and reset - Allow your users to reclaim lost passwords through self-service.
  • Professional styling - Choose from our catalog of app styles or create your own to match your website. Either way, your apps will look great.
  • Localization - Caspio apps can speak your language. Common languages are pre-loaded into each Caspio account. They give you the ability to create apps that communicate in English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Dutch and more. You can also add your own languages via a wizard. Furthermore, all numbers, dates, and time zones can be customized for your locality.
  • Painless app modification - Quickly change any of your apps using the same wizards you used to create them. All your previous choices are preserved and can be easily updated and saved.

Database, Form and Report Design Combined

Caspio's integrated cloud computing platform covers all aspects of database application design - unlike form builders that stop at the user interface or tie you to a proprietary data store. Caspio's wizards guide you through designing database tables, reports, and complete end-to-end applications. Once you are ready to publish your work, it's as easy as copying and pasting a snippet of code into your website with Caspio's embedded deployment. Once you connect your cloud application to your website, you can use Caspio's application design tools to make changes and improvements at any time, and they will be instantly available on your site. That is the power of cloud computing with the Caspio online database.