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Create Database Reports

Caspio empowers you to easily publish database-driven reports online for unlimited public or internal users. Whenever database changes are needed, the deployed applications are instantly updated giving your users real-time information.

Key Features of Caspio Database Reporting

  • Search forms for ad hoc queries based on user criteria.
  • Pre-configured reports that run automatically when a page is viewed, based on specific criteria you set in advance.
  • Many database reporting layouts; including tabular, list, grid and more.
  • Weekly and monthly calendars for displaying date-centric data.
  • Charts and graphs for many different visualizations, including pie, bar, line, and step graphs.
  • Password protection and Record Level Security to limit access to specific records within a report based on user or group privileges.
  • Data calculations, including aggregations like totals and averages.
  • Data grouping to show related records together and organize long reports so they are easier to scan.
  • Automatic paging when results exceed the number of records per page you specify.
  • Ability to use and display files and images in reports. For example, a report ranking your most productive salespeople that displays each person's photo next to their sales totals.
  • Option to allow users download search results to be opened in Excel, Access, and other data management programs.
  • Mobile web access to reports, with the option adding mobile-friendly styles (for example, Caspio iPhone Kit).

Intelligent Report Design

Caspio's web-based report writer gives you all the tools you need to present information clearly and effectively. Instead of spitting out endless tables of numbers, a good report summarizes them intelligently and calculates the totals, subtotals, averages, and percentages we need to understand those numbers better. With Caspio's database reporting and visualization, you can help everyone from the CEO to the sales manager spot trends and gain a deeper understanding of the information you have collected. These are also powerful features for database publishing, to help your users explore database records through interactive web applications.