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Online Database Features

SQL Server Database Reliability & Scalability

At the core of Caspio is a robust database. We use Microsoft SQL Server for its reliability and ability to scale. However, by providing an intuitive web interface, we remove all the complexity of working with SQL Server databases.

Easy-to-Use Wizards

The Caspio online database is designed for the tech-savvy business user. Most database tasks such as data import and export are performed through step-by-step wizards. The Caspio online database resembles a desktop application because it uses Web 2.0 strategies like AJAX, a technique for using JavaScript to build highly interactive user interfaces.

Key Online Database Features

  • Multi-user admin console where multiple staff can work on the database at the same time, each with their own set of privileges
  • Ability to create unlimited tables
  • Support for all data types, including files stored in the database
  • Scalable up to 2 million records per table
  • Import and export of data in a variety of file formats including Microsoft Access, Excel, CSV, and XML
  • Unlimited views for linking multiple tables together or creating a subset of tables
  • Database management is kept simple for non-technical users
  • Plugin for Microsoft Office enables live access to online data right on your desktop Excel and Access programs
  • Developers can use the Caspio Web Services API for direct access to the database via any programming language

Power and Flexibility

Caspio delivers a powerful enterprise database with simplified management that is accessible to any business user and flexible enough to let you import and export data at will and add highly-customized extensions to your apps. Database cloud computing means Caspio keeps your database applications running reliably and takes care of all the routine database maintenance.