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Create Mobile Web Apps

Mobile Web Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry

Every Caspio database application also works as a mobile web application, thanks to our tight adherence to web standards. This means any smart phone, tablet or other device with an internet browser can access these apps. With web style sheets, you can go further, giving Caspio apps the native look of the iPhone, iPad, and other devices. Mobile web apps are the most cost effective way to target multiple smart phones and devices at the same time. Caspio can help

  • Create public or internal apps for smart phone or tablet.
  • Use forms for submitting new data or updating existing data.
  • Create reports with charts and calendars.
  • Create and deploy end-to-end business apps.
  • Standard XHTML user interface works unchanged on smart phones and mobile devices.
  • Use standard web design techniques to customize apps for a native app look on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and other devices.
  • Our iPhone Kit provides customization tips, and sample Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • Follow our tutorials on how to tailor apps for different screen sizes, as well as user interface font and color choices.

Create Cost-Effective Mobile Apps

Mobile computing is one of the most important trends in computing today, with the Apple iPhone and iPad in particular rewriting the rules of the functionality business users and consumers alike expect to be able to access on the go. But just because a few game developers and mass-market application creators find it worth their while to create native applications, written directly to the operating system of a specific device, it doesn't mean every business can afford to do so. An iPhone or iPad native application written for the Apple's iOS mobile operating system will not run on an Android device, or vice versa. Developing for a specific device or mobile OS locks your application into that platform - an expensive proposition with no clear payoff if the same purpose can be served as well or better with a mobile web application.

The Best of Mobile and the Web

Caspio aims to deliver the most productive and streamlined app creation process for both mobile apps and web applications. By sticking to web standards, you can create web applications that work unmodified across a range of devices, while reserving the option to target the look and feel of specific mobile platforms such as iOS. You can deliver great iPad apps and iPhone apps and still have the flexibility to cater to mobile users on Android , BlackBerry, and other phone and tablet platforms. Instead of rewriting and recompiling applications, you add a different style.

Caspio lets you create affordable mobile web apps - and in record time.