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Embedded Application Deployment

Caspio is by far the most flexible platform for web application deployment and database publishing. Two of our best options are not available in any other online database: Embedded deployment and SEO deployment.

Deploy Web Applications Anywhere

Any Caspio app can be deployed on any website. The operating system and other technical details are not important, nor is where it is hosted. It could be an internal website (intranet) or a publicly accessible site. Caspio lets you run your application in the cloud, on its web servers, but the user interface appears seamlessly on your website.

Key Application Deployment Features:

  • Instant app embedding - JavaScript code snippet embeds Caspio apps in any website, the same way a YouTube video is embedded.
  • Embed apps in CMS systems, including open source systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more.
  • Add Caspio apps to Facebook as stand-alone apps or tabs on a Facebook business page.
  • Access to apps via link. No website required.
  • Optional SEO deployment allows your database to be indexed by search engines to generate organic traffic to your website.
  • SSL encryption is available for all deployments.
  • Change your app in real-time after deployment. No re-deployment is necessary - your updates are available instantly.
  • Limit access to approved IP addresses for private applications.
  • Syndication - Embed the same app on multiple websites.

Options for Every Application

With multiple deployment options, Caspio offers the flexibility to deliver the best option for different application types.

  • Need to get a highly interactive web form on your website fast? Copy and paste the embedded deployment code, and you're done.
  • Need to drive traffic to the real estate listings you have organized as a searchable Caspio report? Use SEO deployment to make sure Google indexes them right.
  • Need to share a report with a small circle of colleagues? Mail them a link to the report, which they can access directly from Caspio's servers.

Caspio lets you use the power of cloud computing to centralize data management while seamlessly deploying the applications themselves to wherever they need to be.