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Caspio Features and Capabilities

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Features for Your Apps


Using point-and-click wizards, building a standard web form takes less than 5 minutes.

All form elements Any type of web form is possible with a wide range of form elements; text fields, text areas, radio buttons, dropdowns and list boxes (including table-driven lists), checkboxes, file upload fields, hidden fields, date fields with calendar selection, etc.
Cascading fields Prompt users with relevant options, where the selection in one dropdown determines the values of a second dropdown. For example: Select the Make of a car and then the Model automatically filters based on actual Models for the selected Make.
CAPTCHA Prevent junk and spam submissions with human verification characters. Includes voice CAPTCHA for the visually impaired.
Flexible layouts Break long forms into multi-column or multi-section forms for better usability.
Selective editing In data update forms, choose which fields are editable and which are for viewing only.
Auto emails If enabled, generates automatic notification emails upon form submission.
Image resizer Managing large images is made easy. With Image Resizer, large uploaded photos are automatically resized smaller for faster viewing.
AutoValues Timestamp, username stamp, generated passwords, record IDs, GUIDs, page URL, referrer URL, user IP address, and more are available as automatic values in your forms.
Parameters Integration with other sites and services is easy because your Caspio forms can capture query string values automatically and insert them into form fields. You can also pass values of the form to subsequent pages.
Conditional Rules Create dynamic change forms that fine tune fields based on user entries. Fields and sections can become visible, hidden, required, or disabled based on values in other fields.


Create powerful reports and apps to manage, analyze and secure your data while streamlining your processes.

Ad-hoc search Give users a search form to get to the data they are looking for.
Pre-configured reports Generates a live report or data output that is based on your pre-defined criteria.
Layouts Create rich user interfaces by using different report layouts such as tabular, list, grid and calendar view.
Charts Visualize reports and search results with several chart types (line, bar, pie, step).
Dashboards Create business intelligence dashboards by combining various charts and reports on a page.
Data protection Password-protect your apps for any number of users. With Record Level Security, each user can only see data authorized to them.
Data drill-down Users go from a search form to the results set, with option to drilldown to details of any record.
Advanced reports Take your reports to a new level with calculations, grouping, and aggregation such as totals and averages.
Usability Give your users rich functionality without any effort. Interactive sorting, jump-to options, and automatic paging are just some of the built-in features.
Download Let end users download their search results or the entire database.
Files Display files and images in reports.
Maps Show location-based data on Google maps with our mashup tool.

User Authentication

With unlimited user pricing and robust authentication for any number of users, Caspio is the perfect platform for large-scale public or internal applications.

Unlimited logins Designate any table as your "users" table and authenticate with usernames and passwords stored in that table. Your table can have as many users as you want.
Unlimited authentication Each of your apps can have its own authentication based on a different table with its own rules and role-based rights.
Self-registration Because any table can be a "users" table, it's easy to create self-registration systems where new users are automatically given access after email validation or payment.
Record Level Security Different users signed into the same app can only see or modify the data authorized to them.
Single sign-on Your employees won't need too many passwords. Enable one login across all your apps, regardless of where they are deployed.
Username stamp Know who submitted or changed a record with username stamping.
Encrypted passwords Keeps user passwords secure with data encryption.
Password reset Give your users the ability to reset their forgotten password. You will be able to define how identity is established.


Caspio offers several standards-based methods to integrate your Caspio-powered apps with other cloud apps or internal legacy systems.

Web Services  Virtually any scripting or programming language can interface with our SOAP and REST APIs. No need to learn a proprietary language.
Parameters Forms and reports can receive POST and query string parameters and utilize them as default values in forms or searches.
DataHub Using DataHub's scheduled import and export to websites, FTP or Amazon S3, you can automate data movement in and out of your Caspio account and integrate with legacy or third-party systems.
Plugin for Microsoft Excel and Access Brings real-time online data to your desktop and keeps it refreshed as needed for offline tasks such as data analysis, mail merge, address labels, etc.
JavaScript Client-based integration such as map mashups can be achieved through standard JavaScript.

Platform Capabilities

Cloud Database

Caspio's online database utilizes Microsoft SQL Server in its backend for the highest level of reliability and performance.

Cloud-based Your data is securely accessible from anywhere.
Web interface Nothing to install on your computer. All you need is a browser on Windows, Mac or Linux. Even mobile devices can be used to access your database.
Intuitive You don't need to be a DBA or engineer to use our database. If you are comfortable with Excel, you will be comfortable using Caspio.
Scalable Never worry about running out of database storage or server speed. Scale on-demand when you need it. An unlimited number of tables and up to 2 million records per table are supported.
Data types Variety of data types are supported, including text, number, date, file and encrypted passwords.
Relational Support for parent-child tables with one-to-one or one-to-many relationships.
On-demand import and export Easily import or export data in MS Access, Excel, CSV, and XML formats.
Scheduled import and export Use the DataHub advanced feature for automatic data import and export from websites, FTP sites and Amazon S3.
Multi-user The Caspio administrative console is a multi-user environment.

Application Builder

Step-by-step app builder eliminates coding so you can create apps 20 times faster than traditional development.

App Creation Point-and-click tool for creating web forms, ad hoc search interfaces, reports with pre-configured criteria, interactive charts, calendars and galleries.
App Deployment Your forms, reports and apps can be embedded anywhere on any website, CMS, blog, Facebook, etc. They can also be accessed directly from a Caspio-provided link.
Real-time updates Changing your existing apps is as simple as using the original step-by-step wizards. All prior settings are preserved.
Multi-lingual Make apps in any of the 10 built-in languages including: English, Spanish, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, and Russian. Changing the app's language takes just two clicks and adding other languages is easy.
Professional styling Choose from any of the built-in styles or use the style wizard to achieve your unique look and feel. No CSS skills are required but advanced users enjoy plenty of flexibility with direct access to the app's CSS.
All platforms supported Caspio works with your favorite web design software such as Dreamweaver, with all major blogging and CMS systems such as WordPress and Joomla, and website builders such as Weebly and Yola.
App syndication Embed the same form, report or app on as many websites as you wish.
SSL encryption Free SSL encryption is available when you need secure interactions with forms and data.
Block by IP address Authorize or block access to apps based on user's IP address.

Standards and Compliance

Caspio is compliant with industry standards so you don't have to worry about compatibility issues.

Web Services  SOAP and REST APIs allow virtually all scripting and programming languages to be used to enhance your Caspio apps.
xHTML and CSS Caspio-powered apps are XHTML 1.0 Transitional and utilize Cascading Style Sheets for widest compatibility across all major browsers and mobile devices.
SOC/SSAE/ISAE and ISO 27001 We utilize Amazon Web Services for our infrastructure. Amazon's world-class data centers meet the strictest reliability and security standards and are SOC 1 and 2 / SSAE 16 / ISAE 3402 Certified (formerly SAS-70) and ISO 27001 Security certified. Learn more about Caspio's security.
UTF-8 and double byte Database is UTF-8 compliant and can properly store and retrieve double-byte characters.
Privacy We are TRUSTe and US-EU Safe Harbor certified.
Section 508 Automatic Section 508 compliance means that your apps are compatible with devices and software accessed by the visually impaired.
No Flash Our charts are HTML5 compatible and work on all browsers and mobile devices (no Adobe Flash charts).
Payment Card Industry (PCI) PCI requirements can be met utilizing security best practices. A security review is available by requesting an expert session with Caspio Support.

Advanced and Premium Features

Extend your applications using the following advanced and premium features (included based on your plan).

DataHub Scheduled data import and export from FTP, websites, and Amazon S3.
Web Services  SOAP and REST APIs provide programmatic access to your data.
Plugin for Microsoft Office Live online data is accessible in your local Microsoft Excel or Access programs.
Distance Search Radius search lets your users search and sort address-centric data based on proximity.
SEO Deployment Exclusive deployment technology allows search engines to index your database for free organic traffic.
DataPage Revisions History Keeps older versions of your forms and reports in case you need to revert back.
User Logs Tracks users logging into your authenticated apps, including failed login attempts and password resets.
Geocoding When enabled, Caspio appends your address-centric data with latitude and longitude values. Significantly improves distance search and map mashup performance.
FileStor CDN Automatically moves your frequently-accessed public files to a cloud disk with abundant storage and free unlimited data transfer. Learn more. 

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