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Benefits of "No-Code" Application Development

Build Apps in Hours or Days, Not Weeks and Months

The ability to move fast and execute ideas before competitors often means the difference between success and failure. Caspio gives tech-savvy business users the power to quickly bring their ideas to life. Using point-and-click app creation, you reduce development time to a matter of hours or days, instead of weeks and months. Additionally, Caspio provides independence from IT meaning no backlogs to slow you down. And the moment the app is finished, it's ready for launch. In contrast, traditional app development is so slow and complex that most apps are never completed. Now there is a way to avoid falling into that trap.

Free Yourself from Code

In the hands of the non-IT users, code is a liability. Changes require expensive developer skills and quality depends on the quality and attitude of the last developer who touched it. Also, it requires installation on a server with a very specific setup. Business users can save themselves time, money, and hassle by avoiding code as much as possible.

With Caspio, your forms, reports, and web apps are free from code. Application development is designed for non-developers. You will be able to create or modify them at any time, giving you the ultimate control over your projects.

No Per User Fees

Unlike others, Caspio's pricing plans are based on usage. We refuse to charge you a fee per seat or for the number of users accessing your web applications. This is a key differentiator, which our customers really appreciate and love. It frees you from the expensive per-seat pricing that continues to mimic traditional enterprise application models.

Secure, Reliable Platform

The security and reliability of your apps is built into every component of the Caspio platform and our operation. We take great pride in our security and reliability. We adhere to best practices and review them on a regular basis. Learn more about Caspio security and reliability.

Central Hub for Your Online Data Apps

Caspio gives you the tools and resources to create a central repository for your business data and applications. The platform makes it easy for data from various sources to disseminated via applications, feeds, or other methods. You can consolidate all your data in one secure and scalable platform and deploy your apps to many sites and devices.

Zero Upfront Costs

Unlike traditional development where enormous upfront investment in people and technology is required, with Caspio you can get up and running with virtually nothing. The 14-day free trial may be upgraded to a paying account with a small monthly fee for just what you need. You can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your service at any time.

Scale On-Demand

One of the most important benefits of Caspio is that you can scale your apps up or down as your needs change. Traditional apps are typically installed on infrastructure far bigger than necessary because the business wants to ensure app performance in case usage grows in a short time. Caspio's platform scalability is instantaneous and it doesn't cost you anything until you need it. Furthermore, you can scale down easily if your usage pattern changes.

Extendibility When You Need It

Caspio offers you many ways to extend your apps above and beyond the Caspio platform. Many extension options are built into the platform or are assisted by Caspio Professional Services, and others can be achieved through available APIs, JavaScripts, plugins, parameters, mashups, and more. Learn more about extending Caspio.