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Feedback Management

This Feedback Management application is a great addition to any website and lets you collect and analyze feedback in an actionable format. Similar systems come with many restrictions and high cost, but this one can be embedded anywhere and may be customized as you wish.

Standard Features

  • Collect user comments and issues from some or all of the pages of your website.
  • The page URL is automatically captured, so you will know the page the user was on.
  • A non-intrusive feedback button appears as a tab on the edge of your web pages.
  • Clicking the feedback button opens a form within an elegant “lightbox”.
  • Get a notification email as soon as feedback is submitted, and visitors receive a personalized acknowledgement email.
  • A feedback management system for your employees is included and allows you to quickly prioritize, respond, and track all issues.
  • Includes real-time visual reports.
  • Gain actionable information to improve your pages, engage your community, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Nearly everything is customizable! Redesign nearly all aspects of the application using our step-by-step wizards.
  • Change or add form fields.
  • Optimize the feedback form for mobile devices.
  • Customize issue tracking and feedback management workflow.