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Caspio WordPress Plugin

Embed Apps in your WordPress Blog or Website

The Caspio WordPress Plugin makes it easy to deploy Caspio forms, reports, charts, graphs, and applications to your WordPress blog or WordPress CMS site. One of the reasons WordPress has become so popular for blogging and website management is the mass availability of various plugins to enhance WordPress capabilities. And like most WordPress plugins, Caspio's plugin is free.

Easy WordPress Implementation

You still create your applications the same way you always do using Caspio's intuitive app-building wizards. With this plugin, you can choose to deploy your apps using Caspio's standard Embedded Deployment or our SEO Deployment feature to enable search engines to index your database content and attribute it to your WordPress site.

The plugin supports a WordPress "shortcode" that you add when editing your WordPress blog post or webpage. Read the HowTo article for all the details and step-by-step instructions. The basic idea is that you paste the web address of your Caspio app into the shortcode within WordPress, in a format like this:

Standard Embedded Deployment in WordPress

[caspio] Your App Key Here[/caspio]

In this mode, our WordPress plugin generates the JavaScript code to retrieve your Caspio application on demand.

SEO Deployment in WordPress

[caspio seo=" App Key Here"]

In this mode, the Caspio WordPress plugin renders the content in WordPress and displays it as HTML for search engines.

Why Use Caspio and WordPress Together?

There are plenty of WordPress plugins for adding forms or apps to your WordPress site. However, many forms just send you an email notification, and others put the data in the same database that runs your WordPress blog, making it difficult to build additional apps to manage that data.

As a cloud database platform, Caspio Bridge offers some key advantages:

  • Multi-Site Deployment: Using Caspio, you can deploy the same database application across multiple channels simultaneously, not just WordPress. For example, you may have several blogging sites, websites, Facebook pages, and sister sites where you want to deploy the same app or web form.
  • Rich Design Functionality: Much like how the WordPress rich text editor makes it easy to format and update text and images, Caspio's app-building wizards make it easy to style rich applications to match your existing sites and branding.
  • Scalability and Reliability: The Caspio service is scalable, running on load-balanced clusters of database servers operated in a top tier data center. Because Caspio's online database platform is our sole focus, the service is highly reliable maintaining over 99.99% uptime for over 5 years.
  • Robust Database Capabilities: Caspio offers extensive capabilities for all kinds of online database applications - lead generation, reporting, data searching, calendars, charts, directories, and so on. As flexible as WordPress is, it was never designed to be a database tool. You would have to try dozens of plugins to create the web interfaces, and even then cannot come close to the muscle of a cloud database platform.

Download the Caspio WordPress Plugin and read the HowTo article to see how these two powerful web technologies are better together.