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Caspio Web Services API

Unlimited Customization and Integration for Your Online Database Applications

While you can do great things with Caspio Bridge alone, sometimes our cloud database is even more robust in combination with other systems. In fact, part of the power of cloud computing is the ability to combine the data and logic from multiple applications on-the-fly by applying the principles of Service Oriented Architecture and web services integration technology.

The Caspio Bridge Web Services API allows third-party integration with Caspio applications and other software running on your website, corporate data center, or in another cloud service.

Examples of Use:

  • Add additional features and complex functions to your existing Caspio applications.
  • Build custom applications in any language leveraging Caspio Bridge as your backend database.
  • Push or pull data from your Caspio database and use it in other applications like CRMs, Crystal Reports or ERP systems.
  • Build a Caspio application to display charts, graphs, and reports that integrate data from an external system.

Secure Access and Functionality

Remote applications with the proper credentials can be programmed to add, change, or delete records, as well as download them. For security purposes, you define a Web Services Profile in the Users tab of Caspio Bridge. Just like the human users of your account, a Web Services Profile can be granted access or prevented from accessing any given application, database table, or database function. Similarly, the Caspio Microsoft Office Plugin also uses a Web Services Profile to download data into Microsoft Access and Excel and refresh that data on demand.

The Caspio Bridge API provides extensive flexibility for different types of interaction with your Caspio database in real-time. If the kind of integration you require involves scheduled data upload or download with third-party sites, Caspio's DataHub may also meet your needs.

Based on SOAP Standards

  • SOAP (which originally stood for Simple Object Access Protocol) specifies the format for XML messages to be exchanged between any two systems.
  • Web Services can be accessed through virtually any programming or scripting language including ASP, .Net, VB, PHP, C#, Cold Fusion, Java, and many other technologies.

The Caspio API Documentation provides code examples for Visual Basic, PHP, and C#, as well as application integration examples for Microsoft Office and Crystal Reports.

Assistance with API implementation and coding is not included in Standard support. For troubleshooting, we offer Developer Support at $150 per hour or Professional Services for custom development projects.

Caspio Web Services API is included in Business and Corporate pricing plans