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Custom Trigger-Based Emails

Caspio can create automatic emails for your account that are triggered by the occurrence of a specified time or event.

The emails are completely customized according to almost any event or rule that you request. The possibilities are limitless.

Examples of frequently applied cases:

  • Event reminders
  • Daily/weekly summaries to your staff indicating activity in a specified table
  • Drip marketing driven by elapsed time
  • Unusual account activity notifications
  • Alerts indicating limits are approaching
  • Milestone notifications (ex. 1000th subscriber/member, etc)

Triggered emails are setup by request and carry a small setup fee. Pricing varies on a case-by-case basis.

Fill out and submit the Project Consultation form with the following information. A Caspio representative will contact you shortly with details.

  1. Indicate "Triggered Emails" as the service you would like to implement.
  2. Describe the time or event that you would like to trigger the emails, the level of customization required in each email, and the number of tables in your account affected.
  3. Specify the frequency and volume of emails you expect per month.