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SEO Data Publishing

Search Engine Optimized Database Content for Your Site

When you make information accessible via a database search form, you make it more useful to people but less accessible to search engines. Using Caspio's SEO Deployment, you can make sure your content earns its rightful place in search engine rankings by providing an alternate path to your content.

Database SEO Challenges

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the discipline of making sure your content is indexed and ranked as highly as possible by search engines. Unfortunately, a database search form tends to be a dead end for search engines. Allowing users to enter a search helps them find what they are looking for, but search engine crawlers are only looking for new content on your web pages. If you are using Caspio to publish job postings, real estate properties, business listings, or public data records, getting your content indexed by search engines is very important.

Caspio's SEO Deployment Solution

Caspio solves this problem with our SEO Deployment method - technology for your web server that downloads content and serves it on-demand to the search engines.

With SEO Deployment, your data is still stored in the Caspio cloud database, but it is first fetched by your web server, which in turn displays it to the search engine - just as if the content was coming from your own web server. This allows Google, Bing, and other search engines to index the content and associate it with links on your website.

SEO diagram

The SEO Deployment code is provided in three web programming languages: PHP, ASP and ASPX. Virtually all web servers support at least one of these scripting languages. If you are not certain which language is compatible with your server, ask your webmaster. The PHP library is also embedded in the Caspio WordPress Plugin, which makes both SEO and embedded JavaScript deployment easier for WordPress deployments.

You can still use Caspio's embedded JavaScript deployment method to give users the best interactive experience, but getting your content ranked higher in Google will help you bring more of those people to your website. Our how-to article provides detailed guidelines on how to set this up with appropriate links between the SEO and interactive versions of your database content.