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Orphan File Cleanup

Control Account Storage by Removing Unused Files

As a means of protection against unintentional file deletion, Caspio Bridge does not remove files when records referencing them are deleted. However, for some accounts, this safeguard can lead to a growing number of unneeded orphan files (files that are not referenced in any table).

Available upon request, the Orphan File Cleanup Utility helps manage removal of orphan files from any Caspio Bridge account.

Files uploaded to a Caspio Bridge account are stored in a special hidden table. A reference to them is placed in the record to which they are uploaded. You can use your uploaded files through DataPages to display back to users or let them download the files.

Additionally, Caspio Bridge gives you a Files section in your account where all your files can be viewed, accessed, and organized in a structure similar to a PC file system. This approach provides several advantages:

  • Storing files in the database gives you much greater access control and security compared to storing on the file system.
  • Files are seamlessly used in DataPages.
  • Each file can be referenced in multiple tables.
  • The Files view provides a familiar interface to manage files.
  • Caspio Bridge can be used for secure online file storage without the need of referencing files in tables.

When Orphan File Cleanup is activated, every night Caspio Bridge runs a background process on your account that generates a list of all your orphan files, and stores the list in a special table named CB_Orphan_Files. This is a visible Caspio Bridge table that can be accessed in your account or used in your DataPages. Each record has a Remove checkbox. If the Remove field of any record is checked, the next time the process runs, the file is physically deleted from your account.

Orphan File Cleanup can be activated in one of the two modes: manual or automatic.

With the manual mode, you are expected to review the records in the CB_Orphan_Files table and check the Remove field of any file that you no longer need. Wait for the next time the clean up process runs, and the files are physically deleted from your account and the CB_Orphan_Files table is refreshed. You can create a DataPage on CB_Orphan_Files and manage your orphan files through the DataPage.

With the automatic mode, all records in CB_Orphan_Files have their Remove field automatically checked. They are available for your review for 24 hours, but are automatically deleted at the next execution of the process.

Once a file is physically deleted it is no longer available in your account. For a limited time and for a fee we may be able to restore a deleted file from tape backups.

To request Orphan File Cleanup, contact Caspio Support. Please specify manual or automatic cleanup.