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Caspio Plugin for Microsoft Office

Connect your Caspio Database to Microsoft Access and Excel

Caspio's Plugin for Microsoft Office makes it easy to bring data from your Caspio database into Microsoft Access and Excel - and if you choose, keep the data refreshed automatically on your computer.

When you install the plugin, a "Caspio Bridge" will menu appear in your Excel and Access programs. From there, you can connect to your Caspio account's tables and views and choose to retrieve the data one time or keep it automatically refreshed.

This allows you to always have to the most up-to-date information right on your desktop. Use the plugin to integrate your Caspio account with internal systems or handle data manipulation tasks such as a Microsoft Word mail merge or Excel analytical functions.


  • A small software download adds a "Caspio Bridge" menu option to your Microsoft Access and Excel programs.
  • Upon selecting "Get Data" or "Auto-Refresh", the plugin will download your Caspio database into a matching table structure in Access or Excel.
  • Choose to automatically refresh data when opening your document, or in your desired time frequency while the document is open.
  • The plugin is powered by Caspio's Web Services API offering administrators fine-grained permission control over the level of account visibility and access of each plugin.
  • Supports the Windows versions of Microsoft Office 2007 and higher.

The MS Office plugin is included in Business and Corporate pricing plans.

To get started, install the plugin and follow the HowTo instructions.