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Create iPhone and iPad Apps with Caspio

iPhone Kit Gives Apps a Native Look for iPhone and iPad

As consumers and business people do more with smart phones like the iPhone, targeting these devices becomes just as important as catering to web users on their PCs. Apple's iPad has also energized the market for tablet computers, with many others following in its wake. With the Caspio iPhone Kit, you receive a download containing styles and scripts to enable your Caspio web apps to look and behave like iPhone apps.

Since these devices are potent forces in online media and applications, having your web content work well on the iPhone and iPad is essential. At the same time, smart businesses know it's not an optimal choice to invest in native applications for the increasing variety of smart devices.

Cross Compatibile Mobile Apps

The smarter and more economical alternative is to embrace the power of web standards, tailoring your applications to the iPhone but leaving yourself the flexibility to make your Caspio apps work as Android apps or BlackBerry apps simultaneously.

Because Caspio apps adhere to web standards, they work on many mobile devices even without modification. But with a smaller screen, aesthetics comes into play. For example, the default data entry fields in web forms or tabular reporting may not be visible without a lot of scrolling.

The Caspio iPhone Kit lets you create apps that blend with the look of the iPhone and iPad, using styles and graphics that work well within the confines of the smaller touch-screen user interface. With a few quick changes to your HTML and style sheets, you can adapt your apps for iPhone users. Optionally, you can utilize Caspio's Professional Services to detect and automatically redirect iPhone users to your mobile website.

Easy Deployment to Your Mobile Site

Existing Caspio apps can be easily modified to look and feel like iPhone apps. You create your web applications as usual using Caspio's visual app-building wizards, and then use the iPhone Kit to optimize the layout for small devices. For example, you can specify that labels should appear over fields, rather than to the left. With just a few tweaks, your existing and new Caspio apps can now target users across iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android devices - all simply and inexpensively without getting locked into any one mobile operating system.

To get started, follow the instructions in the  iPhone Kit tutorial, which uses the Task Management example from Caspio's Instant Apps.