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Create Facebook Apps Powered by Caspio

With over 660 million people using Facebook today, a business has to be willing to go where its customers are.  Adding Caspio web forms and database applications to your Facebook profile lets you do more business by leveraging the world's largest online social network.

Caspio makes it easy to create powerful database applications and embed them in Facebook as stand-alone apps, or add Caspio-powered page tabs to your Facebook page. For examples, see (make sure you click the "Like" button while you're there, please).

At the same time you're enticing visitors to "Like" your page, you can ask them to fill out a more structured contact form to generate sales leads. For example, a real estate agent could embed listings right in the Facebook page for the agency. Or you might direct users to a Facebook app where you provide more details about products and services.

Deploy Facebook Apps and Facebook Page Tabs

As always, you create online database applications using Caspio's application-builder. Now Facebook just becomes another way of sharing those applications with Facebook friends who can then share them with their friends, and so on, and so on.

The example shown below is the standard contact form from our Instant Apps gallery, displayed as Facebook page tab. When you create a Facebook business page, you automatically get several tabs with built-in applications like the Wall. You can register additional applications, including Caspio apps, by filling out a form on the Facebook website, and then adding the associated page tab to your page.

The advantage of a page tab is that visitors see your application in the context of all the other ways they can interact with your organization.


The Facebook iFrame standard introduced in early 2011 means that your web content appears within the "frame" of the Facebook website, with all the standard Facebook features wrapped around it. All your Caspio apps work within Facebook, although to make them look their best you should make sure they fit within the Facebook app "canvas" or the narrower dimensions of a page tab. Our Facebook tutorial provides step-by step instructions for registering your Caspio apps on Facebook and tweaking their layout.