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Caspio DataHub

Caspio DataHub helps you automate movement of data between your Caspio online database and other systems. Here are some typical scenarios where you can use Caspio DataHub:

  • You regularly download data from one source and import it to your Caspio account.
  • You regularly export your Caspio data and import or archive it to another system.
  • You need new data to be regularly loaded to your app to enable users to work with it.

Doing any of these procedures one by one is a tiresome and time-intensive process often prone to human error. With automation provided by DataHub, they can be done quickly, efficiently and accurately every time.

Database Integration in Just a Few Clicks

Caspio DataHub allows you to schedule data transfer tasks through a wizard that walks you through the entire process of setting up the data repository and specifying the corresponding Caspio tables. Features include:

  • Supports FTP, SFTP, SCP, HTTP, HTTPS and Amazon S3 repositories
  • Supports open or password-protected repositories
  • Supports data export through email

Caspio DataHub Database Integeration

Caspio DataHub is included in Standard plans, or is available as an add-on feature for other plans. Step-by-step guides are available on Caspio How-To.

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