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Online Database for Consultants trial

Online Database for Consultants

Being consultants ourselves, we realize that time is your most valuable asset. To help you get as much results out of it as possible, we've put together a complete online database solution to help you speed up the development of your client's application.

Programming database applications from scratch can be time-consuming and expensive. Reduce your project turnaround time by using point-and-click wizards instead of traditional development methods. Applications can be created in days instead of weeks or months, making it possible for you to take on more projects, eliminate outsourcing, and focus on exceeding your clients' expectations.

Additional advantages of Caspio's online database solutions for consultants include:

Access to the leading online database platform

No matter how demanding your client's needs are, Caspio has a proven track record of enterprise-grade scalability. Over 500,000 applications have been built on our database platform since 2001.

Unlimited integration possibilities with standards-based technology

You always have the option to build the core application using Caspio Bridge and then extend its capabilities through JavaScript, SQL, and SOAP API. Learn more about Caspio Web Services.

Monetize your ideas

Caspio offers a reseller program that lets you use your expertise to create high-demand applications, and then resell them to your customers. To make it even more profitable, Caspio's allows you to deploy the apps on an unlimited number of websites with any number of end users.

You can also profit by linking on your website through an affiliate program.

Take advantage of the latest industry technology and cutting-edge tools

Being a cloud platform, we automatically publish the latest updates to your account. Our expertise becomes your expertise for no extra cost or interruption to your day-to-day schedule.

Applications built by our consultant customers include: