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Cloud Computing for eGovernment Request Information Case Study: Georgia State Agency Streamlines Grant Application Process Using Caspio Bridge

Cloud Computing for Government

Since 2001, government organizations have turned to Caspio to reduce manual processes and expensive IT infrastructure. The point-and-click application framework empowers government agencies with limited IT resources and budget to easily create electronic forms, publish databases, and deploy interactive web applications on their web sites without programming.

Maximize Productivity While Reducing Waste

More than ever, governments are under tremendous pressure to do more with less. Caspio's cloud computing platform is highly affordable for organizations at all levels, and the benefits go far beyond cost savings. Government employees can now easily build web apps that drastically reduce the high costs and inefficiencies of routing paper forms, managing citizen requests, and processing database-bound information.

  • Quickly convert legacy systems into smart database-driven applications.
  • Collaborate in real time using highly-secure interactive web applications.
  • Raise service standards and empower citizens with self-service solutions.
  • Cut overhead costs by streamlining process administration via the web.
  • "Green" your operations by avoiding IT and data center expansion.

Common Cloud Solutions for Government

Cloud Database Application Example -

Citizen Services

Caspio provides a set of core application technologies that make it easy to build an online community portal, encouraging collaboration between citizens, businesses and your agency. Publish anything from citizen surveys, staff directories, community events, and business listings.

Cloud Database Application Example - Florida Department of Health

Open Government Data Publishing

Agencies across the country are using Caspio's cloud platform to rapidly publish data for transparency and open government initiatives. Common examples include budget expenditures, employee salaries, complaint surveys, and inspection reports.

Cloud Database Application Example - Georgia CJCC

Application and Process Management

Caspio's wizard-driven framework enables government agencies to build extensive web applications to handle data-heavy processes such as grant applications, program management, and bid requests.

Cloud Database Application Example -

Location-Based Applications

Governments can easily publish community information and mapping using Caspio's location-based applications. By incorporating a local element, citizens and agency decision-makers can easily make informed decisions about their community data and activities.

Build Custom Applications Tailored to Your Agency

Caspio's cloud application platform provides point-and-click tools for local, county, state and federal governments to launch database applications for a wide range of administrative and eGovernment initiatives.

  • Property and tax assessments
  • Health inspection reports
  • GIS apps and maps
  • Online grant applications
  • Sex offender registries
  • License management
  • Citizen service requests
  • Permit and inspection records
  • Zoning applications
  • Event management
  • Open record requests
  • RFP/RFQ bid management

Quickly Deploy Apps with Built-in Section 508 Compliance

Building online forms and applications that comply with Section 508 compliance guidelines is typically expensive and time-consuming. Caspio is the only cloud platform providing built-in Section 508 compliance to create web apps in minutes that meet the highest standards of web accessibility. To learn more, read our blog on Caspio's Section 508 compliancy.

Tap into Enterprise-Grade Security and Reliability

Since 2001, Caspio has served over 500,000 cloud applications with a proven track record for enterprise-grade security and reliability. Our security measures span every aspect of the cloud platform, from the physical layer, to the network layer, all the way to the end user application.

Caspio's security and reliability measures include:

  • A network infrastructure that is housed in a state-of-the-art SAS70 data center.
  • Each customer account is in its assigned cluster in a separate logical database schema.
  • Extensive product features to protect and secure your data and applications, including authentication, data encryption, record-level security, IP blocking, and more.
  • Ongoing maintenance and upkeep of all levels of infrastructure redundancy and platform security.
  • Caspio is deemed PCI compliant by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council and is a Licensee of the TRUSTe Privacy Program.
  • Servers and systems are owned and managed by Caspio, used solely to deliver our services.
  • Learn more about Caspio's security.

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Caspio's Government Services team is dedicated to providing custom solutions tailored to meet the needs of the government sector. Contract-free engagements, month-to-month pricing, and GSA Smartpay cards make it easy incorporate Caspio into your budget planning. For more information regarding special programs designed to get your cloud computing strategy up and running immediately, please contact us for more information.

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