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Caspio's Customer Case Studies

Caspio Customer - Solar Oregon

Solar Energy Nonprofit Saves $100K and Receives National Recognition Using Cloud Database Applications

Solar Oregon needed a better way to manage data for their statewide solar adoption programs. With hundreds of workshop and solar tour attendees, finding a solution that would allow them to easily manage contacts and events was essential to build an active solar community. Using Caspio, the nonprofit created a complete program in less than two months, saving an estimated $100,000 in development and management costs.

Caspio Customer - American Management Association (AMA)

AMA Cuts Lead Management Processing Time by 75%

The American Management Association is known as a business management thought leader. So when unreliable systems were causing them to spend more time processing their leads and less time following up on them, they knew they needed a solution, and fast. As a non-profit organization, they didn't have a lot of money to spend on expensive IT development. They turned to Caspio's scalable and robust platform and were able to build the applications themselves. They were able to quickly create an automated system that efficiently manages the hundreds of leads they receive daily.

Caspio Customer - Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Saves $100,000 with Caspio Web Apps

With a tight budget that left little room to hire contractors, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources discovered it could affordably create their online database applications using Caspio. Caspio's simplified approach to database design, packaged as a cloud computing service, helped the DNR avoid hiring programmers and save an estimated $96,000 annually compared to hosting similar applications with the state's data center.


Non-Profit Manages $1 Billion in Japan Disaster Relief with Caspio-Powered Donor Database

In the aftermath of the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, the Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE) wanted a better way to track funds earmarked for relief efforts. See how a small non-profit with a tight budget and limited IT resources used Caspio to create a donor database tracking $1 billion in Japan disaster relief.

Advance Kentucky

City of Thousand Oaks Wins "Best of California" Award for Green Cloud Applications

With a small budget and limited IT resources, the City of Thousand Oaks enlisted a volunteer intern to create its Green Business Certification Program, the first full-automated city program of its kind in California. Graduate student Justin Baker didn't have much IT experience, but found he could build several applications quickly and easily using Caspio. For their efforts, the City was recognized with the 2012 "Best of California" award and Baker was hired on as a full-time employee.

Advance Kentucky

Statewide Kentucky Program Uses Caspio to Streamline Academic Data Management

AdvanceKentucky needed a solution that would give over 500 teachers, school administrators, and program staff across 79 high schools in the state of Kentucky the ability to update thousands of student records in real time while maintaining the ability to protect confidentiality. After trying to solve the problem with products like Excel, Access, Sharepoint and, AdvanceKentucky found Caspio.

Caspio Customer - Houston Community College (HCC)

Houston Community College Launches Searchable Class Schedule in a Few Short Weeks

With six satellite locations and 4,400 faculty spread throughout the Houston area, Houston Community College had to juggle the collection, organization and distribution of large amounts of curriculum information and class schedules. As the college expanded, the traditional PDF format became overbearing and sluggish. HCC signed up for a free 14-day trial of Caspio and quickly built an online class schedule database that had both students and faculty excited by the application's performance, ease-of-use and added functionality.

Caspio Customer - Florida Department of Health

Florida Department of Health Uses Cloud Computing to Publish Environmental Health Data

Working with Caspio, the Florida Department of Health published a series of Government 2.0 applications, despite not having the budget to employ programmers to create web applications. Using the Caspio Bridge cloud database and its visual app-building tools, the web manager at the Division of Environmental Health created a series of inspection data reports, making information of public interest easily available online.

Caspio Customer - Clean Energy Logistics Lab

The Sun Shines Brightly on Solar Communities Powered by Caspio

Clean Energy Logistics Lab needed a way to bring together solar energy enthusiasts, consumers and professionals. Using Caspio as the backbone for all its interactive applications, the start-up quickly built an interactive community website without hiring any programmers. Now solar enthusiasts can easily find contractors and share their installation experiences, photos, videos and live feeds.

Caspio Customer - Nightingale Home Healthcare

Nightingale Home Healthcare Finds an Efficient Cure in Caspio Bridge

Nightingale Home Healthcare needed a way to improve manual and cluttered business activities between their support staff and nurses working remotely. They were heavily burdened by everyday tasks such as filling out administrative forms, managing nurse locations, in-home care assignments, time-off requests, and more. Using Caspio, Nightingale quickly built web applications to automate and modernize these tedious activities, so their organization could scale quickly and work efficiently.

Caspio Customer - ConstructionReports Builds a Solid Foundation with Caspio was looking to get its business off the ground, and needed a sophisticated but cost-effective tool for generating construction industry leads. After engaging with Caspio for their project, the company had its lead generation engine up-and-running in a few weeks, and at a fraction of their initial budget.

Caspio Customer - Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (GCJCC)

CJCC Completes Data Intensive Project Ahead of Time and Under Budget

The Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council was tasked with creating an online application for states to apply for newly available grant funds. It was a massive project with over 200 required data fields, strict security standards and a small budget. With no time to write code, they turned to Caspio and completed the project ahead of time and with money left over. They launched the application online and had the first completed response in less than 30 minutes.

Caspio Customer - FidoLove Creates a Scalable Dog Adoption System Using Caspio grew from a simple vision; create an online community to connect those seeking to adopt dogs, and the owners who could no longer keep them in their family. By building the service on Caspio from the start, can continue to scale and grow affordably and with ease. went from a concept to a fully-functional site with rapid ramp-up using Caspio.

Caspio Customer - Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC)

AJC Enhances Online News Reports with Interactive Web Applications

As one of the top 20 newspapers nationwide and with over 3 million monthly unique visitors to their websites, it's important that the AJC gets news online fast. They needed at least two unique database applications on their website per month and often had little notice as to what application they would require. They adopted Caspio Bridge and were able to transfer outdated MS Access database systems online in minutes. They now create over 10 applications a year, without needing to use valuable IT resources.