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Newspapers Leverage Caspio Technology to Promote NFL Season Start

The Plain Dealer and St. Louis Post-Dispatch launch Caspio-powered databases and revive historical games stats for the Browns and Rams.

Mountain View, Calif. - September 13, 2007 - Caspio, Inc., the leader in point-and-click web database creation, today announced the recent launches of Caspio-powered databases on The Plain Dealer and St. Louis Post-Dispatch web sites as part of their coverage of the NFL season kickoff for the Cleveland Browns and St. Louis Rams. Both papers utilize the Caspio Bridge platform for rapid database publishing on their web sites.

Plain Dealer: Cleveland Browns History screenshot

The Browns History database was developed by The Plain Dealer using Caspio Bridge.

The Plain Dealer developed the application and populated its database with game-by-game Cleveland Browns statistics, including over 850 game stories dating back to 1946. Throughout the NFL season, The Plain Dealer will promote the database in its print edition in order to bring readers to the web site. Visitors can search the Cleveland Browns History and Archives database at

"During the first week of the Brown's database launch, we received over 25,000 searches," said Jean Dubail, Online Editor at The Plain Dealer. Dubail says another unique sports-related Caspio database on is the LeBron James Statistical Bible, which allows online users to create their own statistical profile of "King James."

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch released a similar Caspio-powered database for the Rams with 202 game stories dating back to 1995. "Preparing for the upcoming NFL season, we launched the database on August 24 and have received thousands of searches in the first few days," said Kurt Greenbaum, Online News Director at St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Visitors can search the online Rams Information Station database at

Both newspapers reported the ease-of-use and rapid time-to-market of Caspio applications for internal and public use. "Caspio lets us deploy database applications that increase interaction with our visitors fast," said Dubail. "These apps save us a tremendous amount of time and money compared to building databases with the usual methods."

Furthermore, Caspio Bridge applications bring additional advertising revenues. "With thousands of visitors using our online databases, we can now provide new channels to our advertisers," said Greenbaum. "Based on our success to date, we have plans to implement several new applications for increased visitor interaction on the Post-Dispatch web site."

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