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Feedback Management

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Application Features
Additional Enhancements

Free feedback management system includes the following features:

  • Collect user comments and issues from every page on your website with an intuitive feedback form that automatically captures the page URL.
  • A non-intrusive feedback button appears as a tab on the edge of your web pages.
  • Clicking the button launches a Caspio-powered web form with an elegant "lightbox" effect.
  • Use step-by-step wizards to instantly change or add form fields, such as categories, ratings, CAPTCHA security, newsletter opt-in, file upload, IP address tracking, and more.
  • Deploy to an unlimited number of websites, blogs, and mobile sites. Simply copy-and-paste the provided deployment codes.
  • Get email alerts as soon as feedback is submitted, while visitors receive a personalized email that immediately acknowledges their feedback.
  • Integrated administrative interface helps you quickly prioritize, respond and track all issues.
  • Real-time visual reports are organized by status, category, and page source, with the ability to search, filter and download data at any time.
  • Deploy the admin interface to a private area of your website or corporate intranet, or embed the reports directly in your existing site.
  • Gain actionable information to improve your pages, engage your community, and ensure customer satisfaction.